Editorial: L.A. Times does good thing in addressing racism

Staff Editorial

In an editorial Sunday, the Los Angeles Times addressed its past racism and apologized for being part of institutional racism.

We at The Daily Eastern News applaud the Los Angeles Times for this decision.

It is very important to acknowledge the existence of institutional racism in society, but even more important and influential for individuals and outlets to acknowledge the role that they play in it.

In the editorial, the Times talks about their founding and early years, when their publisher used the paper to further his own agendas and the paper’s support for the internment camps for Japanese Americans during World War II, among other examples.

The mention the way they covered people from lower-income neighborhoods as “invaders” to the suburbs and how they painted entire communities with a broad brush.

It is vital for other news outlets to examine their pasts to uncover the ways which they passively or actively supported racist or prejudiced causes.

The American media, for its many positive qualities, also is plagued by the same problems that affect other institutions across the country.

There is a lack of representation in many newsrooms, and that can show itself in coverage.

Institutional racism is very real and very damaging. Especially in times where racial unrest and protests are happening all across the country, it is necessary for everyone to take a look at their past as well as their present to make sure that they are truly dedicated to moving forward.

The Los Angeles Times took a very important first step in the right direction. We hope to see others follow in their footsteps in the coming weeks and months.