Miller endorsed by President Trump for IL-15 race

Staff Report

President Donald Trump announced Mary Miller, candidate for Illinois’ 15th Congressional District, had his endorsement on Sept. 10 via Twitter.

The tweet read: “Mary Miller (@Miller_Congress) will be a terrific Congresswoman for Illinois! She is Strong on the Border, Life, Low Taxes, and she will always protect and defend your Second Amendment. Mary has my Complete and Total Endorsement! #IL15″

Miller met with Trump Wednesday in the White House.

Miller said in a statement on her Facebook campaign page:

“I am proud to have President Trump’s endorsement, and I am ready to fight for our district in Congress. As your Congresswoman, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with him as we work together to bring high-paying jobs back to Illinois, protect our conservative values and God-given rights, and continue to make America great!”

Miller is a Republican candidate.

She describes herself as pro-life, in favor of the second amendment, and strengthening border security.


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