Khamisani named new Student Body President

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani, a senior English major, won the election for Student Body President, according to unofficial results.

Khamisani was up against senior digital media technology major Justin Richards for the position, both of whom have has experience in student government.

Khamisani received 195 votes and Richards received 178 votes.

Forty-six students voted no confidence.

She expressed her excitement for her win in a statement:

“I am very happy to see the unofficial results for the Student Government elections. This is the first step towards the needed change. If elected, I will be putting together my plan, adding Justin Richards ideas in it. Because again, the purpose of this position is to work for the betterment of EIU student body, so we all need to work together. The good times are about to start, Panthers.”

Khamisani has been involved in student government her freshman year and has served as a student senator, committee chair for the Diversity Affairs Committee and the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the student government.

Beyond student government, Khamisani has worked as a Coordinator of Association of International Students, Prowl Leader with New Students and Family Programs, International Student Ambassador, member of Honor Society, member of Faculty Senate, Member of CAA, member of the Student Action Team, President of Psi Eta Sigma, member on the search committee for VPSA, Student Worker at the Booth Library, and an intern at the Coles County Probation Office.

In a statement to The Daily Eastern News on Sept. 22, Khamisani said her top priority this year will be to help Eastern students have the opportunity to engage socially , both virtually and in person.

Michael Perri, a senior political major, won the position of student government Executive Vice President with 370 votes.

Perri ran unopposed.

Skylar Coffey, a graduate student studying political science, was elected student Vice President of Student Affairs with 377 votes.

Coffey ran unopposed.

All student senate candidates were elected:

· Constance Young, a junior political science major -248

· Khristopher Stevens, a junior German and corporate communications major-223

· Zachary Bray, a freshman political science and pre-physician major-256

· Sierra Humphrey, a junior early childhood education major -280

· Payton Ade, a freshman math major-259


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