Student Government candidates share platforms

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Presidential Candidates

Justin Richards, a senior digital media technology

“My goals, both personally and if I were elected to the position of Student Body President, would to be to ensure that every student’s voice is heard. I genuinely believe that every person’s voice is highly valuable. I want to participate in discussions with students about what matters the most to them. It can be discussions about diversity, Black Lives Matter, mental health, sexual harassment and sexual assault, ways to study more efficiently, or just provide an opportunity to let students speak their mind in an environment where they will not be judged or criticized for what they believe or how they feel. I also want to challenge myself and my fellow student leaders to talk with people more, learn about them, and do everything that we can to make sure they feel represented and included.

I also would want to reestablish the Presidential Cabinet, which is where a student representative from On campus, Off campus, a male and female Athlete, Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, National Panhellenic Council, Black Student Union, Latin American Student Organization, and possible other additions from other organizations may be appointed to the Cabinet and act as representatives from their respective areas. These individuals would provide me, if elected to this position, with feedback on upcoming Student Government matters as well as information about what is happening across campus. I want to make sure that the various areas of campus are represented and heard to the fullest extent.

The position of Student Body President is one where someone should be able to feel comfortable to come talk to that individual about anything at all and know that they will be heard. That is what I practice in my everyday life and I want to help make a difference on Eastern’s campus. I know this will not be an easy job, but I believe that I am, with the help and support of the other Executive Board and Student Government members, our graduate advisor, our organization’s advisor, and the members of the Eastern Illinois University Student Body, I am more than capable of doing the job.”

Noor Khamisani, a senior English major

“Having served in the Student Government for almost two years and holding different positions has helped me improve various things on campus. However, I had control over a very few things/departments. I believe EIU needs a change on bigger scale. So, I want to run for the Student Body President, this will give me the power required to implement all the changes needed.

Some of the surface level goals I have for the position are:

1. This year, my first priority will be helping EIU students become as socially active as possible. Because networking is a huge part of “college experience.” COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s social life, so I want to make sure that all EIU students get to experience, live, and form a community of panthers. I will organize several different online and COVID-friendly in-person events for students to get involved and have the best college experience.

2. I want to make EIU a safe place, where we do not have any stigma about mental health issues. I will have informational and interactive events related to mental health topics.

3. I want to spread awareness about IPE, which are Inter Personal Educational skills. These are skills required to survive in the outside world. I want all EIU students Freshman through senior to have these skills, so that, when they get out in the real world they are fully prepared.

4. I want “less talking and more action” to be the motto of EIU. As a governing body, we need to stop assuming the needs and wants of students. I want to actually talk to students and hear from them about their wants and needs. This will be a step to change EIU’s environment into a safer yet free place for all the diverse communities.

5. I want to start talking initiatives, even minor ones, to make EIU campus green and eco-friendly.

6. I want to spread awareness about COVID-19 help EIU students with resources and reduce the spread of the virus.

7. Lastly, I want to take efforts to make EIU student body a united body.

Because of my experience with the Student Government and several other organizations, I believe that I have the passion, credibility, and understanding of the organization and the position itself. I believe I can help EIU grow and get better even single day.”


Executive Vice President Candidate

Michael Perri, a senior political science major

“As your Executive Vice President, I intend to execute all of the responsibilities of the office to the best of my ability and be a true representative for the Student Body. I have a vision where the Student Action Team is the flagship program that the EVP is tasked with heading. I want to have training sessions for SAT members on how to speak with our elected representatives, orientation on how to research and read legislation, and to build regular contact with our elected officials in order to bring much-needed resources to EIU.

As your Student Trustee, I want to make sure that student’s voices are heard, especially those who traditionally have gone unheard in the past. As EVP the physical and mental health of all students will be a priority of mine should I serve as our Student Trustee. And as EVP I will do my best to make sure that EIU students can get the most out of their experience here on campus. As a former Speaker, I understand the time, commitment, and dedication it takes to be an executive officer in this organization and I am excited to get to work with the rest of the Student Government, and the student body as a whole.”


Vice President of Student Affairs Candidate

Skylar Coffey, a graduate student studying political science

““eing in the position of VPSA would mean that I would have to lead a group of diversity, being someone who is not diverse. Instead, I want to bring in more diverse groups of people, not just stopping at race but also groups like our LGBTQ+ and allow them to take the initiative and for them to be able to show campus how diversity matters on campus. I want to just be that person who is there for them, to help them promote, a useful tool that can help with things like connections. With that, I also want to work beside the Black Lives Matter movement we have on campus, to show that diversity, not just on our campus but in our communities matter too. I want to help ensure that our diverse groups on campus feel as secure and welcomed.

Another thing I want to bring to the VPSA position, is more activity on our campus. I want to, even virtually, bring more events, more tools for our students, and more diversity. Something that was cut

short before, was a donation that was supposed to collect school items, like markers, binders, pencils. Though the collection boxes were there, no one picked them up, and most of the boxes were empty. I want to bring a new donation where we collect slightly used or new clothing, shoes, accessories, and donate them to our Pride Closet on campus. I want to continue the tradition of Student Government buying gifts for families around the holiday time, and I want to further encourage other groups on campus to do the same as well.”


Student Senate Candidates

Payton Ade, a freshman math education major

“I am running under the idea that everyone, no matter who they are and the background they come from should be heard and accepted by the community that they are a part of.”

Zach Bray, a freshman political science and pre-physician

“I am running on a platform of bringing more diversity to campus, bringing a Panda Express, creating a more just and fair environment, and ensuring students voices are actually heard at every level of campus life.”

Sierra Humphrey, a junior early childhood education

“I believe that my experience and personality will help me offer new ideas. Above all, I believe my most important job will be to listen to you those whom I am representing and serving … Here are a few ideas I believe we can achieve together:

1. Continue to make EIU and its surrounding community a safe place for students of all race, ethnicity, and gender.

2. Find new and fun ways to create unity as a university.

3. Value All Diversity.”

Constance Young, a junior political science major

“The needs and concerns of our community are important and should be heard and/or acknowledged with resolutions derived from the compelling ideas and interest of our peers.”