Editorial: Continue avoiding off-campus gatherings

Staff Editorial

Some of the things we thought about how COVID-19 would progress on campus seem to be true.

Sheila Simons, a public health professor and graduate coordinator who is working with Eastern’s contract tracing efforts, and Eric Davidson, Interim Director of Health and Counseling Services, joined the Faculty Senate meeting Tuesday afternoon and talked about contact tracing, testing efforts and trends they have noticed regarding COVID-19.

Simons noted that the virus seems to be spreading as a result of off-campus gatherings rather than through interactions in residence halls and classrooms.

The university can’t do much about these gatherings, but those in attendance should be conscious of social distancing and wearing masks. That is our responsibility as students in the midst of a pandemic.

It comes down to students following the rules recommended by the university even when they are not on campus. Even though the university can’t enforce its rules off campus, the consequences from these actions still affect on-campus life.

Also, it’s important that students continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in residence halls and classrooms by continuing the behavior that has gotten us this far.

Integrity is doing the right thing when there aren’t any RAs or professors watching. We at the Daily Eastern News believe holding yourself and others accountable is the most important thing we can do to slow the spread of COVID-19 on campus.