Editorial: Eastern needs to help solve more technology issues

Staff Editorial

Technical difficulties are something to be expected in a world where a majority of interactions are now being held in an online setting, but the hosts of such interactions should do their part to make sure the platforms they use are user friendly and work efficiently.

Eastern needs to make an effort to consolidate the platforms they use and educate the campus community well enough to use said platforms.

While there will always be a learning curve for using new tools, the university should be as proactive as possible in making sure students, faculty and staff are able to use technologies to the best of their abilities.

Most students have had an online class at this point and have experienced that one professor that for the life of them cannot seem to figure out Zoom or Microsoft Teams for their classes or maybe they have difficulties using D2L to post lectures or assignments.

At this point in the semester those bugs should be worked out.

Those responsible for making sure students get the hands-on education Eastern is known for should be able to teach online with ease at this point.

This of course is not the fault of the educators and IT professionals at Eastern, but rather the university should take more action in assisting those who may not feel entirely comfortable teaching online so they are able to educate to the best of their ability even in a setting they are not familiar with.

Eastern’s slogan tells students that the university is “all in” for its students but now it is time to put those words into action by better supporting those teaching the student body.

Students should not have to sit through ten minutes of a professor learning how to share a screen or not know when assignments are due because their professor is not proficient at posting updates for their class.

We at the Daily Eastern News believe more needs to be done to ensure students have a successful semester despite the pandemic and that starts at the top. Whether it be for extracurriculars or classwork, Panthers deserve the highest quality technology and knowledge from Eastern.