Boyd Bash Scholarship Concert held Friday night

Ryan Meyer, Staff Reporter

The EIU Wind Symphony and Concert Band soundtracked a crisp autumn evening in the Library Quad on Friday at the Boyd Band Bash Scholarship Concert.

The music of George Gershwin and Aaron Copland, among others, was not only played for a small, socially distanced crowd at 6 p.m., but also livestreamed on the Doudna Fine Arts Center’s YouTube channel.

The livestream had at least 100 viewers throughout the evening, but the dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dr. Barbara Bonnekessen, said that the performers wished they had a bigger live audience to play in front of.

“Streaming is good for us, but I think for the players, for the artists, they really want an audience,” Bonnekessen said.

Dennis Malak, director of operations at Doudna, was pleased with the production of the concert.

“I thought it went well. We got out here at 8:00 this morning, started setting up and we’ll take it all down tonight,” Malak said. “I think the public enjoyed it, the people who were here seemed to enjoy it.

“Our crew is happy with the setup,” Bonnekessen said. “I think they also would like a bigger audience, but what can you do?”

Mark Codo, a senior TV and video production major, watched the concert from the side of Booth Library and said he was impressed by the performance.

“I enjoyed the concert very much, despite being a little different compared to the other concerts because we’ve mostly been playing indoors rather than outdoors,” Codo said.

Malak also said he enjoyed the evening as a spectator.

“It was a great concert, great music, the students did great,” Malak said.

For those watching from home, Malak said their experience was as close to in-person attendance as the Doudna staff could’ve made it.

“It was as close to live as we can make it,” Malak said.

Although COVID-19 regulations prevent Doudna from holding its usual events, Bonnekessen said that they are still planning events that fall within the guidelines set by the university.

“I think people need to get accustomed to that we are active, there are things happening in the Doudna, it’s just that you can’t come here in person to enjoy them,” Bonnekessen said.

For those interested in this semester’s events, Doudna’s YouTube channel will be streaming them, as it did for the Boyd Bash.

“The Doudna is livestreaming everything this year for free,” Malak said.

The success of the Boyd Band Bash Scholarship Concert livestream showed promise for the future of the building’s events, said Bonnekessen.

“Even when things go back to normal, I think we might keep having some of these things for people who can’t attend concerts,” Bonnekessen said.


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