Editorial: Do not listen to celebrities on masks

Staff Editorial

Storied British rock band Oasis’ guitarist Noel Gallagher recently appeared on “The Matt Morgan Podcast” to express his displeasure with the policies concerning masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Gallagher isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last celebrity to disown masks and offer half-baked logic in an attempt to justify their decision.

It comes as a surprise that the man who wrote the lyrics to the song “Live Forever” could be so nonchalant about a disease that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands globally.

We at the Daily Eastern News believe that those in the public eye, or those with large fanbases, should be more conscious of their sway they have with their audience.

President Trump is another prominent example of someone who could be doing a lot more with their platform. He has recently held rallies, both indoor and outdoor, that go against the guidelines recommended by health experts across the country.

“I could go across the street and get hit by a bus tomorrow,” said a supporter during a CNN interview at Trump’s recent rally in Nevada.

“Why do I have to wear a mask that I know, I know, without a doubt, is not helping.”

Mindsets like these are not uncommon, and we encourage those in positions of prominence to use their platforms more productively in order to end this pandemic sooner rather than later.