City Council set to meet Tuesday

Staff Report

An ordinance for the city of Charleston to adopt a sexual harassment policy will be voted on at the City Council meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

The reason for the adoption of a policy is because of the Workplace Transparency Act that requires such a policy.

The new policy includes a definition of sexual harassment, a reporting procedure, the responsibility of the supervisors and witness as well as other items related to sexual harassment claims.

The council will also vote on a mutual aid agreement with the Lincoln Fire Protection District for assistance with potential fires at the Charleston Country Club.

The reason for the agreement is the Charleston Fire Department being unable to effectively assist with suppression of fires that may occur at that location.

Other items on the council’s agenda include:

· Amending Title 1, Chapter 9 of the Personnel Handbook

· The mayor’s appointment of Paul Brown to the remainder of Jim Wood’s current 5-year term on the Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals & Planning

· Recognizing October 4-10 as Fire Prevention Week


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