Students talk benefits of encouragement

Emilee Tosh, Staff Reporter

National Day of Encouragement is giving students the opportunity to uplift and support their peers.

Eastern’s students, new and returning, are taking time out of their daily routines to consider how encouragement affects them, and others, on a regular basis.

Zachary Bray, a freshman political science major, said that most of the encouragement he receives is from his family, specifically his dad and sister

“Encouragement helps me stay on the right path,” Bray said.

Bray said he uses his personal life stories to help encourage others in his life.

“I encourage others by telling them my backstory,” Bray said. “Encouragement means not letting things take you off the right path and being able to get through things.”

Many people turn to a certain person, or group of friends, when in need of some encouragement and support.

Rashad Oliver, a sophomore neuroscience major, said encouragement means pushing yourself to do better.

“Encouragement helps me by giving me motivation and it gives me fuel to push forward.” Oliver said. “To me, encouragement is telling yourself that something is possible and breaking through obstacles.”

Oliver said that his friends have a huge impact on him with their encouragement.

He added that he likes to put the encouragement he receives back into the world.

“I feel like the people who encourage me the most are my friends, especially the ones back home, because they always try to get me to go beyond my limits,” he said. “I encourage others by spreading positivity and trying my best to uplift people.”

Serena Voss, a human services major, said she has always turned to her dad for help and support.

“I would say my dad encourages me the most because he is always looking out for me and he expects me to do my best and that makes me try harder.”

She said having encouragement from others has played a large role in her life so far.

“Encouragement helps me realize that for myself there is something that I am working towards and it reminds me that I need to keep going and not stop trying,” Voss said.

Voss said one of the biggest ways she encourages herself is “just reminding myself that I have things to get done and keeping notes and track of things.”

She said she tries to stay ahead of the game, which makes things a lot easier for herself.

Some people try to reassure and inspire themselves, much like Oliver does.

“I encourage myself by saying positive affirmations in the morning,” Oliver said.

Bray said he uses self-care when encouraging himself.

“I encourage myself by doing things I enjoy,” Bray said.

According to the National Day Calendar good ways to celebrate National Day of Encouragement include: “Make deliberate acts of encouragement. Provide reassurance and inspiration to the people around you. High five someone for a job well done. Take notice when a friend is getting close to a hard-earned goal, encouraging them to keep going. Send a card or give a call or text to a family member who may be struggling.”


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