CAA votes to extend moratorium during Thursday meeting

Staff Report

The Council of Academic Affairs met for the second time this semester on Thursday afternoon.

The meeting was held virtually via Blackboard Collaborate.

The council unanimously approved the lone action item on the agenda, which was the extension of a general education moratorium through the end of this semester.

The extension was requested by general education coordinator Grant Sterling to allow the general education committee time to work on establishing clearer framework for general education courses at Eastern.

There were also several discussion items on the agenda, including a general education assessment, a discussion of updates to the delivery of hybrid courses and a discussion on updating some outdated information in the CAA handbook and website.

Among the things discussed during the general education assessment was the possibility of updating and reorganizing EWP programs and their requirements for graduating.

CAA will meet again on Sept. 17, also on Blackboard Collaborate.


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