Column: Stop using ‘broke college kid’ excuse

Katelyn Eddington

I’m getting tired of hearing the “broke college kid” reasoning for everything. Yes, we are “broke college kids,” and yes, we are only starting out this thing called life. Although I joke about it, it’s not my reason for everything.

I noticed a lot of students use this as an excuse for everything and they are being serious.

I understand working part time and going to school full time is hard, but using that as a crutch is not a valid reason for anything.

College is a way to get to where you want to go. You’re not going to automatically have money, but you will have enough to get by.

I’m tired of this being the stereotypical college answer for everything.

In all honesty, I understand college kids joke about it, but it gets old and repetitive.

I know adults that use this as an excuse for their college-aged family members.

How bad does a joke and/or excuse must be for the adults to just have that as an excuse for our behavior?

Now, I also understand that my budgeting skills are also not the best, but I am willing to work on that I have been.

Also, I wish parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles would understand where we are coming from at certain viewpoints with our money.

Every time I go and spend money on something with money from my paycheck, I get complained at for not saving it for a future.

Um, hey adults, I work for my money.

This leads into my other point; my generation has no idea how to budget because we never properly learned how to.

I also understand that people must pay for everything, and I am thankful I have help in certain aspects until I graduate.

However, this still doesn’t help the whole broke college kid excuse.

You should be proud if you’re paying for school, your car, insurance, rent, and everything else by yourself.

Society says it’s not okay to show what you worked hard for because it’s showing off,  but I don’t think that’s true because you earned it.

I love having people in my apartment (although I can’t now because of COVID-19) because I pay for my apartment myself.

I enjoy seeing my friends succeed and accomplish goals because they worked hard for it.

Work hard and please stop using “I’m a broke college kid” as an excuse for everything.


Katelyn Eddington is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].