Column: Blue Lives Matter is not valid

Gillian Eubanks

This year has been plagued every day with racial injustices, innocent Black lives lost and the worst of all: “Blue Lives Matter.”

Blue Lives Matter undermines Black Lives Matter. It was created as a counteract of Black Lives Matter after the killing of two NYPD officers. According to the Washington Post, there have been 1,252 Black lives lost because of a police officer since 2015, and that is only deaths by shootings. That’s not counting the lives lost just under the care of police.

Here’s the deal: A police officer is someone who chose that career. Officers make the choice to put themselves in danger and their life on the line. Police officers already get enough support from people, so why need Blue Lives Matter? They don’t need it because it is not valid. Blue Lives Matter shouldn’t exist. 

It is used to cause harm and unrest among the Black community. There is no way to justify it, especially with the disgusting amount of police brutality that runs rampant in this depressing country. Why can’t Black people mourn and grieve their losses without Blue Lives Matter supporters attacking them and trying to justify all the killings?

Black people do not choose their skin color, yet that is the very reason for the targets on their backs. Black people are dying or being traumatized every day because of that thin blue line.

They cannot do anything, go anywhere or sleep in their own beds without risking their lives. Where is their support? Why do Black people have to constantly be defending themselves and fighting for their lives?

Black lives should be uplifted and, most importantly, protected. They are not safe. And as a white person, I use my white privilege to help empower and fight for Black lives. I worry about my Black friends. I worry about my Black family. It is revolting that I have to tell them more than my white counterparts to please be safe, and I am so scared that I’m going to get a phone call one day. Judging on how I feel, I can’t imagine how Black people feel.

The next time you hear about a Black person being shot and killed by the police and want to try and justify it, look in the mirror. Check your skin color. Check your privilege. Check the kind of person you are, and check your morals.

I am by no means saying there are no good people who happen to be police officers, but I also refuse to support an ignorant concept like Blue Lives Matter. I will continue to be an ally and support Black Lives Matter.


Gillian Eubanks is a junior health communications major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]