Freshmen ready to start college careers

Kyara Morales-Rodriguez, Staff Reporter

Move-in weekend has officially passed, bringing new incoming freshmen to Eastern Illinois University.

They come with their own hopes and expectations for how their college years will be, excited to begin pursuing their dreams.

Julie Ann Zaborowski, a freshman political science and journalism student, said she has always been interested in politics and hopes of being a White House correspondent someday.

Zaborowski is excited to take steps toward her dream job and said she chose Eastern to pursue her career in politics because the school provides her with the best environment to thrive academically.

“I struggle in school a lot. It takes me longer to learn things compared to other people. I felt like the campus at Eastern is medium-sized compared to other schools. I really felt like I would excel in classrooms at Eastern because the classrooms aren’t huge,” Zaborowski said. “I knew that at Eastern I would be able to get a good education rather than at any other school in Illinois.”

Zaborowski is taking mostly hybrid courses this semester, and she feels comfortable with that.

“I don’t have a problem with [taking hybrid classes]. I know Eastern is just trying to keep everyone safe. Zaborowski said. “I really respect Eastern for trying to keep everyone safe―not only the students but also the professors that are teaching us.”

Adalee Nichols, a freshman pre-med student, also feels comfortable with the steps Eastern has taken to keep the community safe.

“I feel like EIU is taking good precaution to keep us all safe,” Nichols said. “I just hope it will go away and everything will go back to normal.”

Nichols said she is looking forward to many aspects of life at Eastern.

She added excited to meet new people, volunteer in the community, and explore research opportunities and while she is excited about taking her classes, she is nervous about taking both online and in-person classes.

“I’m glad that we at least get to be on campus but I’m nervous because I think I’m going to get confused about what days I’m taking in-person and what days I’m taking online,” Nichols said. “I’m worried I’m going to miss assignments.”

Hannah Noble, a pre-med freshman student, is taking both in-person and online classes this semester and she feels comfortable with both learning formats.

She has already taken some in-person classes here at Eastern and she feels comfortable with how the classrooms are set up to keep people safe.

As for her online classes, she feels confident in her ability to teach herself the course material.

Noble is also excited for the freedom and independence living on Eastern’s campus will provide her. At first she felt homesick but by meeting new people and becoming involved on campus, she said she has become more excited to be a part of this community.

“[Eastern] is not too far from home but far enough that I can be independent on my own,” Noble said. “I’m looking forward to making new friends here and being in a different environment from my hometown.”

Megan Jobe, a freshman music education student, has always been passionate about music and hopes to inspire her future students once she becomes a teacher.

She is excited to pursue that dream here at Eastern.

“I chose EIU because it seems like such a friendly community,” Jobe said. “Both my parents went here and they only had good things to say about it. Also, [Eastern] has a really good teaching program and music facility.”

Jobe is excited to begin taking classes and pursuing her career, butsaid she is also nervous about taking both online and in-person classes.

“[Taking online classes] is really new to me. I just have to make sure I stay engaged,” Jobe said. “It is easy for us to get distracted but as long as you are actively participating, I think it’s super fun.”


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