Column: Juliper Sky on the way to the clouds

Ryan Meyer

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Jamie Lambert, the singer and guitarist of up-and-coming Manchester band Juliper Sky. We talked about whatever came to mind, from Star Wars to Jimi Hendrix to our ideas of Shangri-La. But we mostly discussed his band and their roots, influences, and aspirations.

They’re one of my favorite bands at the moment, and that was cemented when they posted an invitation on Instagram to provide feedback on some unreleased songs. I gladly volunteered and took the task very seriously. In my years of passionately following the music I love, I had never seen or heard of an artist doing this.

Juliper Sky builds dreamy atmospheres out of walls of keyboards and blissed-out guitars, with Lambert providing lyrics of psychedelia and natural beauty. This is a band where the lyrics fit the music. He strives to provide positivity and an escape from the trials we experience every day.

“Especially ‘Heaven’ (the band’s first single), it’s sort of a stand against negativity,” he said. “It’s nice to take somebody away on a journey when they listen to the lyrics.”

During my listening, this was accomplished with ease. The imagery in these songs can take a listener away from the mundaneness of work or school.

“I never usually talk about it that much, the visuals in music, I just kind of think about it,” he said. “But during this interview I think I’ve realized how important it is.”

The music is not to be ignored, however. Lambert is only one of three guitarists in the band, along with Dan Parker and Liam Grindell. Bassist Roger Damen and drummer Ben Pursehouse hone the rhythms into mid-tempo, larger-than-life tracks of pure ear candy.

“Heaven” was featured on Spotify’s ‘Indie List’ playlist and the band also appeared on the UK’s BBC Introducing radio show. According to Lambert, shoegaze and dream pop radio station DKFM has also taken a shine to Juliper Sky. This recognition could mark the beginning of an illustrious career for the band.

I told Lambert I felt his band is destined for the spotlight of huge stages, and he shared that sentiment.

“I think so too, actually, without sounding big-headed,” he said. “We have such a huge sound, and I think it’s only going to get more refined with time. We’ve only been going for like a year. I think we’ve still got time to develop and grow. I’m looking forward to the future.”

So am I.

They’ve released a four-song EP, “Visions of a New Age,” that will undoubtedly be featured near the top of my year-end list. Unless, of course, they release something even better. And judging from those unreleased tracks, that is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

Lambert always had a feeling that he was meant to make dreamy music and convey his vision in a band.

“I always had a feeling it’d be quite successful, but a lot of work has to go into it to make that happen,” he said.

There’s nowhere to go but up for Juliper Sky. Here’s to the music to come.


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