Column: Stop blaming media for COVID-19

Katelyn Eddington, Columnist

Please stop blaming the media for doing their job. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, better known as the coronavirus, there have been many people blaming the media for several things. 

The first thing people are blaming the media for is the lack of supplies in grocery stores. 

A prime example of this is toilet paper and hand soap. 

It is not the media’s fault for how others respond to news. 

It is a journalist’s job to provide information on any national and/or international news that could affect all of us. 

Secondly, the inaccuracy reporting. 

It is a journalist’s job to present true information to the public, especially about something new and serious. 

If you think that a source is not providing the truth, then check where you got the information. 

I am also so sick of seeing the public go on rants about how poorly informed the media represents the news, and then all of a sudden the public is not happy because the media are providing all the information we know.

The other day, I received a rude message from somebody essentially telling me that it was the media’s fault for everything and that I needed to check my facts or sit down and be quiet. 

I simply replied that all the information I have provided on my social media accounts, radio reports or television reports came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, press releases or government offices. 

It is exhausting to be told by the public on how to properly do my job. 

My job is to provide information so that you all can be informed and not misinformed. 

If you are confused about any major stories, such as the coronavirus, you can look up trustworthy media sources. 

Also, what mainstream media sources report are not the same as what local or state newscasts report. 

Maybe it’s me getting tired of people falsely reporting things or reporting things before they are confirmed, which leads me to my next point. 

Please wait for official confirmation from a press release and report before you post on social media. 

I noticed a post on Facebook about Eastern closing when nothing has been officially announced. 

The media are not spreading false news. The general public is. 

The media are just getting the blame for people inaccurately posting things on social media. 

The truth is the COVID-19 virus is officially a pandemic, Italy is on lockdown and Eastern, along with a handful of other universities, is extending breaks or canceling classes as safety measures.

Katelyn Eddington is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]