Students talk sleep schedules

Karamon Samuel, Contributing Reporter

College is a different time for people; being on one’s own for the first time, having to deal with the amount of homework and how to pay for college are on many students’ minds.

With all of these new responsibilities, it can be hard to get a good amount of sleep while being in college.

According to Mayo Clinic, adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

Some students cannot always get seven to nine hours of sleep a night so they might take naps to catch up on some sleep and re-energize themselves. 

Many students take a nap in their dorm or apartment and typically sleep in their beds, and some even take naps in their cars. 

Tayvaughn Robinson, a junior management information systems major, is a student manager at Stevenson Hall and said he cannot always take as many naps as he wants to.  

He said he finds it difficult to take naps being a full-time student, working at Stevenson at least 30 hours every two weeks and living off campus.

Robinson said he sleeps about seven to eight hours but if he has a lot of homework and work, he gets about five to six. 

“I used to just go up to someone’s room and they would let me nap there until I had work,” Robinson said. 

Dylan McCarty, a junior sports management major, said he finds plenty of time to sleep but does not sleep for extended periods of time.

“I take two three-to-four-hour naps,” McCarty said. “I don’t know why; I just can’t sleep any longer than that.”

Although he works full-time at Casey’s General Store, is a full-time student and is a part of the Sports Management Association on campus, he claims to find plenty of time to sleep.

Julia Roberts, a junior business major, said she sleeps about six to seven hours a night.  

She said it can be hard to get enough sleep though with her schedule of homework, studying and work.

“Sometimes I’ll take a nap in my room for a couple hours,” Roberts said.

Chad Rosenblum, a junior criminology major, plays ultimate frisbee, coaches the EIU League of Legends C team and plays for the league’s B team.

With his busy schedule, Rosenblum said one thing that does not take up too much time for him is studying.

“I only study for one hour because there’s no point in studying longer,” he said.

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