Students take to Charleston for annual Unofficial celebration



Students enjoy a beautiful Saturday afternoon for 2020 Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Unofficial is an annual event in Charleston.

Corryn Brock, News Editor

The annual Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebration brought Eastern students, alums and members of the surrounding communities to Charleston Saturday.

Amid the police cars, tickets and shut down parties, Unofficial-goers danced and drank at house parties around town.

Jess Henry, a student attending from another university, said he had attended Unofficial last year and enjoyed the experience. He said he thinks attending the event will become a tradition.

“We’re having a great time. I was here last year, and I might be a regular after that, plain and simple,” Henry said.

Henry added that he felt like the atmosphere around the event was relaxed.

“No one’s messing with us, you know, everybody’s got their own group to hang out with plain and simple that’s all, no hard feelings no nothing,” Henry said. “Everybody’s out here to do one thing and that’s drink beers and drink beer. I say drink Busch light plain and simple.”

Lisette Perez, a senior hospitality major, said she enjoyed how many people were out and partying during the day even though she tends to be more introverted.

“I just like the environment and that’s the only reason I actually come is because I’m not a people person, but this is like one event that I actually like because everybody is in unison,” Perez said.

Orlando Cooper, a former Eastern student, said he was enjoying returning to Charleston for Unofficial.

“I used to go to the school and it’s a really good time,” Cooper said.

Cooper said returning for the event was a nice break for him to have while he is now in the work force.

He added that while he went to Eastern, Unofficial served as a way for him to be free from classes.

“I got really f***** up and forgot about my classes, so it was just a really great day, it got rid of all of the stress,” Cooper said.

Kenneth West, a student from another university, said he felt like Unofficial bridged the gaps between different groups on campus.

“It doesn’t matter affiliation, everyone’s partying as one, like they know everyone’s at one place you know it’s like a whole campus thing,” West said.

West said one thing that stood out to him was the conflict that was resolved between people on campus.

“People resolved confrontations easily here, I like that,” West said.

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