Editorial: Weinstein finally held accountable

With Harvey Weinstein’s guilty conviction in a New York courtroom on Monday, victims all over the world are celebrating.

Weinstein, a Hollywood studio mogul, was convicted on charges stemming from a sexual assault that occurred in 2006 and a rape that occurred in 2013, as the Associated Press reported.

A jury found Weinstein not guilty on the charge of predatory sexual assault, a charge that could have easily put him in prison for life.

This charge could lead to Weinstein facing a maximum sentence of 25 years.

We at The Daily Eastern News are pleased with the fact that Weinstein was found guilty on these serious charges.

We feel that anyone who commits heinous crimes such as Weinstein should face the necessary punishment.

As previously stated, people all around the world, mostly women, are celebrating the conviction because they feel there is finally justice for these acts.

Sexual assault and rape are two things that victims will never forget. You simply cannot forget anything as heinous as those tragedies.

Convicting a predator for these crimes, of course, does not change what happened to the victims, but it does give them hope and a bit of relief.

Weinstein’s victims can finally rest assured that their assaulter is being punished for his behavior and wrongdoings.

They can also be content that no one else will ever have to suffer the pain and agony from Weinstein that they had to.

Sexual assault is something that victims are often afraid to open up about, mostly because they themselves feel ashamed.

It is also something that can affect someone so strongly, that they just are not comfortable discussing what happened with anyone.

We at The Daily Eastern News strongly urge students to look at the Weinstein conviction as a lesson.

Without the victims coming forward in this case, Harvey Weinstein would still be living as a free man, and he would still be preying on other women, assaulting and/or raping them.

Look at this as a lesson and realize that if you are a victim of sexual assault and/or rape, it is important to tell authorities.

We understand that you may feel ashamed of what happened, but it is important to come forward, otherwise the predator will continue doing the same things they did to you to other people.

It is important to also remember that you are not alone. Many people have gone through the tragedies of assault and rape, and there is hope that you can heal from it.

Please know that you will not be judged or criticized by coming forward, and that many people can help you get through a dire situation like this.

Use your voice and remember you aren’t alone.