Modern relationships are not serious

Jaidyn Yarber

I was told not to date in high school. So, the last thing I expected to hear in college was it’s the worst time to date. Especially in this time and age, it’s as if dating is a thing of the past. Titles are intimidating, and feelings are overrated. Young adults would rather be “chillin” than be committed. 

This newly adopted stigma has revolved around the idea that relationships are overwhelming and unnecessary; some people would use any excuse possible to avoid their feelings. It’s destructive and toxic, and it’s tearing down any and all representation of a healthy and respectful relationship between two people. 

Societal views change, pop culture changes and dating has changed. 

Relationships really aren’t a priority anymore. People joke about infidelity like it is normal. It’s trendy to be involved with multiple people, and value is more focused on a physical state rather than an emotional or mental level. 

Maybe high school isn’t the best time to date, and maybe college isn’t either, but if it’s something that you want for yourself, go for it.

My advice to you: stay true to yourself and don’t give another person the power to make you feel small for having feelings. If someone truly cares about you, they will be careful not to put you in situations where you have to question where you stand and how you feel. 

If that is the case, take some advice from Ariana Grande: “Thank U, Next.”

Jaidyn Yarber is a freshman English major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].