Gatrell: Spring enrollment numbers ‘really good’

JJ Bullock, Editor-in-Chief

Eastern Provost Jay Gatrell said Eastern’s 10th day enrollment numbers are “really good” for the Spring semester Tuesday at Eastern’s Faculty Senate meeting. 

Gatrell was not able to share the specific numbers with the Faculty Senate because Illinois Govenor J.B. Pritzker requests that all enrollment figures and enrollment press releases at public universities be sent to his office before being released to the public. 

Gatrell did however say the “internals” were really good and the number of credit hours and continuing students was also positive. He also noted that the number of students involved in degree programs was rising.

Gatrell said he anticipates the enrollment numbers will be made public in the next 24 to 48 hours. 

Eastern’s associate vice president for enrollment Josh Norman said Eastern’s institutional research team was currently working on compiling the numbers and delivering them to Pritzker’s office l. He said once Pritzker confirms receipt, Eastern will make the numbers public. 

Eastern’s enrollment numbers for the Spring of 2019 were up from the Spring of 2018 and Eastern will certainly hope to see the upswing continue this year. 

Eastern’s Spring 2019 total head count was 7,503 students, and 4,621 of those were on campus students. Eastern’s Spring 2018 total head count was 7,016 students, and 4,943 of those were on campus. 

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