The semester’s almost over; we can do it

Blake Faith

One last stretch. Instead of calling it one last week before finals, I’m calling it the final stretch of this semester. 

For everybody at this university, whether they are faculty, BSWs, students, RAs, advisers, etc., we see one thing in our minds. That thing is the finish line to the semester.

I hear it all the time in sports. The finish line usually refers to an end to something, whether that is an end to a good thing or a bad thing. 

A semester in college can be one of those two things.

I know from experience that it is easier to have a bad semester than a good semester. 

As students we procrastinate, get caught up in time constraints and are not able to break that semester until it’s all said and done. 

Those kinds of semesters are a total bummer, and if you’re like me you let it beat you to your lowest point.

Then there are semesters where you work from start to finish. 

You find out how to balance a crazy schedule, crazy personal life, crazy situations, classes and turn it into success. Heading into finals week, the feeling is that I’ve put out my best work and there’s no way these tests can bring my grade down. 

That work and perseverance creates confidence that college students sometimes lack.

Regardless of the circumstances, finish strong. As the great Rocky Balboa said, “One more round.” 

Give it your all this last round and no matter the outcome, keep your head held high knowing that you did your best.

Now, I know there are some people from the bad semester that are saying “no way” or “I could’ve done better.” My response would be no one cares about the past, look to the future. 

The future is saying the finish line is ahead and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

This week, find ways to relax and surround yourself with the people closest to you. 

If you see one of your closest friends going through a valley, give them some time during this tough week. Give them words of encouragement and let them know you’re here for them.

If you’re a family member of college students, give them words of encouragement and try to defuse their stress somehow. A simple “You’ve got this” or “I’m proud of you no matter what” goes a long way.

Blake Faith is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].