Top 5 hottest U.S. Presidents

Adam Tumino

Of the 45 U.S. Presidents that grace the back of history books across our great nation, not very many have been lookers.

Many took office as older men, and the stresses of political careers probably aged them prematurely. But some were still what we would call “conventionally attractive,” and the top five are ranked below in ascending order based on their official White House portraits.

5. Ulysses S. Grant

The oldest president on this list, Grant had a rugged appeal during his days in office. He looks slightly like a lumberjack or a guy who works at Home Depot and knows a lot about shingles; the roofing material not the virus. If he were in the general population, his attractiveness would not stand out. But compared his 44 fellow presidents, Grant is a real hunk.

4. John F. Kennedy

Kennedy is often considered the most attractive president of all time, but fourth is a fair position for him. His relative youthfulness definitely helped separate him from the field, but it was not enough to put him higher on the list. If he was as attractive as his son, he would be number one on the list, but alas, he was not.

3. Theodore Roosevelt

As if being a war hero, being represented on Mount Rushmore and being depicted in movies by Robin Williams was not enough, Roosevelt can add third-hottest U.S. President to his resume. He climbed these rankings like he climbed San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War due to his flattering portrait. Teddy was seemingly the first president to master the art of standing with good posture.

2. Gerald Ford

Ford is the only president to have not been elected, but perhaps his position on this list can provide some solace. He would have placed first on this list if we were ranking presidential jawlines, and last if we were ranking presidential suit choice for their official portrait. But the jawline outweighs the suit choice, so he ranks second.

1. Barack Obama

Obama’s place on this list should come as no surprise. As far as presidents go, he is far and above the best-looking one. No other president ever looked so good making a layup or looked so good in a tan suit. Obama was the clear choice for number one on the list. He was young and cool, which is a rare combination for a president. If you saw him on the street without knowing who he is, he would not really stand out. But in the back of a history book, he looks like the most attractive man who has ever lived.

Adam Tumino is a junior journalism major.

He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].