EDITORIAL: We’re back from break; let’s make this count

Staff Editorial

One week.

We all have just one more week of classes before finals week. Just. One. Last. Week.

A semester of hard work, late nights, tests, quizzes, papers, dining hall food, parties and work have culminated and come to this final week.

We at The Daily Eastern News are not sure about you, but we have a feeling most of you are in the same boat as us and will be letting out a long sigh of relief when classes come to a close in just one short week.

But, like us, you probably still have a lot on your plate and plenty to get done this week before cruising into finals week.

We are here to tell you that you are not alone in dealing with the stress that the final week of classes brings with it and are urging you to stay motivated, keep your head up and do whatever you can to not sleepwalk through this final week.

Drink your coffee, read that chapter, study for that test, finish that paper or presentation and give these final five days everything you have got, and then finally we can all rest.

As we sit here on a Monday, one week can seem like an eternity, especially if you have a seemingly endless pile of work in front of you, but Friday will be here before you know it, all your work will be done, and the Fall 2019 semester of classes at Eastern will be in the past.

Yes. It may not seem like it now, but the semester is truly almost over. Just one week from today, we will be embarking on finals week. Just one week.

Whatever it is you have to do to power through these closing days, do it. Unfortunately, we do not know the secret recipe for perfectly closing out a semester, but we can urge you to stay focused and do whatever it takes to close the semester strong.

We have all made it this far, whether it was easy or hard, we made it.

Do not let this be the time you give up or take your foot off the gas.

One week, Panthers. One week.

Good luck.