STAFF EDITORIAL: There are more vital things to argue about

Staff Editorial

It is important to be grateful for kind words from others in a world that does not have much kindness to spread.

Everyday headlines and video clips flash before our eyes that show the horrors of the day from mass shootings to famine to war; there are so many negative things to see in the world.

So, when small bits of kindness come their way, why do some people choose to get upset rather than take the kind words and go about their day?

For the past few years it has seemed that the supposed “War on Christmas” has been a hot-button issue for many Americans.

Some take the stance of saying “Merry Christmas” because “you can’t take the ‘Christ’ out of  Christmas,” while others prefer “Happy Holidays” to be more inclusive and celebrate the other holidays this time of year beyond just Christmas.

Regardless of what side of the debate a person lands on, they should consider how important the issue actually is.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe people should reflect on the things that really matter rather than wasting time on minor arguments that have no real value in day-to-day living.

While it is important to have healthy debates and discuss issues in the world around us, it is also wise to consider the importance of the topics being debated compared to what more pressing issues could be being discussed.

Little debates among friends can be fun to pass the time, but genuinely worrying about whether the cashier at Walgreens told you to have “happy holidays” or a “merry Christmas” should not be on the top of the list of priorities for anyone’s worries.

From just this week alone we have seen the public impeachment hearings of the president of the United States, another senseless school shooting and so many more things worth spending time to get to know more about and form an opinion on, and yet, nonbeneficial arguments continue to fill social media and create unnecessary divides among friends and family.

We at The Daily Eastern News recommend considering doing the following rather than wasting time on petty disagreements:

Check in on your friends; seasonal depression is estimated to affect 10 million Americans

Take time to reflect on all of the good things in your life; be grateful for the life you have

Volunteer your time to help others and see what you can do to change the world

There are a multitude of ways to spend your spare time this holiday season, and we at The Daily Eastern News hope people take the time to consider spending it on things that matter rather than things that will just separate people more.

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