Here’s a list of important albums (part 3)

Blake Faith

This week is the final part to the albums that have affected me this decade. Here are my top three influential albums.

3. “Dark Sky Paradise-Big Sean.”

This album has two songs that are motivational and gave me the strength to succeed in life. When I first listened to it, there was one song that had stuck with me my whole life.

The most important song on the album is One Man Can Change the World.” This is where we see a more personal side of what Big Sean has to go through. From his time in Detroit and with the accomplishments he made, he truly respects what he has and how he got there.

The ending of the song gets me every time. Its a recorded conversation between Big Sean and his grandmother. She thanks him for calling her and thinking about her, and Big Sean replies, “It’s cool Grandma, I Love you.”

I’m lucky to have a close bond with both of my my grandmothers, and I always remind them how much they mean to me and that I love them.

2. “One More Light-Linkin Park”

This album was the last album ever recorded by Linkin Park before its lead singer Chester Bennington died. This album changed the trajectory of my life.

I found this album when I was going through a tough time with my mental health. I was dealing with insecurities, thoughts of being a failure and that there wasn’t any light.

“One More Light” and “Heavy” were the songs on the album that helped me find the light. Linkin Park composed lyrics in these songs that gave people hope and helped them realize that there are second chances in life.

1. “Recovery-Eminem”

This album came out in the very beginning of the decade, but it has influenced me the most.

“No Love,” “Not Afraid” and “Space Bound” were three songs that motivated me to do my best in life and not worry about what skeptics say.

“No Love” is a song that describes my life. Eminem and Lil Wayne composed a song about how they’ve been through some tough situations in life and that they were able to fight through adversity and learn from the pain to become who they are today. In my personal life, I’ve definitely had my fair share of adversity hit me. Albums like the 10 I’ve mentioned throughout the last week has gotten me through it.

Music is a way for us to be impacted and connect with artists through our personal lives. 

Blake Faith is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].