CAA to vote on new history capstone

Logan Raschke, Managing Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote Thursday on approving a new course called HIS 4377: Professional Development Capstone for Departmental Honors Students and a revision to an online course policy.

The rationale for approving the one-credit capstone course is to provide students with just the “professional development and presentation pieces” that they would find in the regular capstone, according to the proposal, according to the proposal.

However, the regular senior capstone entails a written research project, a public presentation and a set of professional development pieces.

If approved, the online course policy revision would require all proposed courses that include “online” as a mode of delivery would need to answer questions to ensure student learning, according to the proposal.

All courses that exist now and are under the 5000 level with “online” as a mode of delivery and keep course content and learning objectives the same will need to be sent to CAA and the Council on Graduate Studies if they are between 4750 to 4999 or numbered 5000-level and above.

Additionally, all professors who have not yet but will teach online courses must submit proof of them completing an online course development training activity and submit a certificate before the class starts.

The council will also discuss two items: a suggested CAA bylaw change regarding the Open Meetings Act and a 1978 CAA policy re: minimum required hours for minors.

The council will also decide whether to add two items to next week’s agenda: Business Administration Minor (revised program) and BUS 3050: Survey of Management Information Systems (new course).

The council will also hear seven executive actions. The actions are listed as follows:

• Changing the prerequisite for CIT 4843 to add permission of instructor

• Changing the prerequisites on listed DGT courses

• Changing the titles of listed DGT courses

• Revising prerequisites to listed CMN courses

• Revising prerequisites for JOU 3300 and JOU 3703 to add “or permission of instructor.”

• Allowing neuroscience majors to enroll and for PSY 3805 to remove “or permission of instructor” from enrollment restriction, allow neuroscience majors to enroll and allow psychology minors to enroll

• Revising the prerequisites for HTM 3784 to add “and ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification (or ANSI equivalent).”

Logan Raschke can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]