Student-led haunted house scares students


Tom O'Connor

Students run out of the haunted house laughing and screaming at "Eastern Estates A Spooktacular Haunted House" at Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union on Tuesday night.

Corryn Brock, News Editor

University Board hosted “Eastern Estates A Spooktacular Haunted House” Tuesday night in the University Ballroom.

Cara Soucie, a senior health promotion major and University Board Events Coordinator, said she received a flier for a company out of New York and decided to use the company’s services for the haunted house.

Soucie said she enjoyed watching Eastern President David Glassman go through the house and scaring Lynette Drake, interim vice president for student affairs.

Soucie said she was pleased with how the event went.

“Getting all the little pieces together like hiring the scarers, I hired (the RSO) Hello Dali to be the scarers, and I hired a makeup artist so that was a lot of fun to like see everything come together,” Soucie said. “It was fun buying the makeup for the scarers and the costumes … they looked all good.”

The supplies for the physical haunted house were provided by the company from New York.

Soucie said she was happy to see the event be a success because of a lack of Halloween attractions in the area.

“This is what I strive to do because this is what my whole position, finding new stuff that’s not on campus to bring to campus, Soucie said. “The closest haunted house I think is in Effingham so if you don’t have a car you’re kind of like S.O.L. so I think its great to have a haunted house that you can like come to.”

Tori Casco, a senior health administration major, said she thought the haunted house was funny because of her friend, junior emergency management major Jason Santos’ reaction to getting scared.

‘It was hilarious,” Casco said.

Camryn Miguest, a junior English language arts major, said she enjoyed the event but found a way to not be scared by it.

“It was fun, I liked it. I don’t really get scared at scary things, I just laugh at them,” Miguest said. “I was always taught to laugh scary things off so it was pretty fun.”

Miguest said she felt like students could benefit from attending University Board events.

“It gets more people involved.,” Miguest said. “It’s a good event for people to come out…it gets people to come do something and not just sit in their room the whole day.”

Dominque Easterling, a junior human services program major said she enjoyed the haunted house more than other events from the University Board.

“It was actually a lot better than other events that they’ve had, I got a really good scare out of it,” Easterling.

Easterling said she felt the event was a way for students to go a haunted house if they missed the annual Pemberton haunted house.

“It opens them up to new experiences, I know Pemberton has their haunted yearly but it gives them another chance if they missed that to get to go to another haunted house,” Easterling said.

Miguest said she felt like the event was staffed well.

“They actors were great, it was beautiful,” Miguest said.

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