Column: For Trump, the shoes never seem to fit

Rayshaun Stevens, Columnist

So if you don’t know, news has been going around about the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, after making a phone call to Ukraine’s president to try and have Joe Biden’s son investigated.

Now is a good time as any to impeach Trump, right around the corner of the 2020 election. Being President of the United States, it should be your job to make sure there is equality for all, even if you are an illegal immigrant trying to obtain a better life in the U.S., or a member of the LGBTQ community who would want to be in the military and serve their country. Looking at all of this, it has made me realize that Donald Trump was never fit to be a good president for us. It seemed as if during his campaign, his best solution was to get rid of the majority of illegal immigrants and build a wall to keep them from entering and us to go to.

When he did not receive support for a wall on the border of Mexico, he decided to shut the government down to secure funding for it. This shutdown caused employees of the government to lose pay hours but still had no choice but to keep working or they would be fired. In April 2018, he also put a ban on any transgender citizen that wanted to join the military because it was a “distraction.” I believe that anybody of any race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, etc. should be able to do whatever they may please, especially if they decide to join the military to protect the country they reside in.

Trump has also enforced ICE agents to take illegal immigrants, some who have lived here for years, to a detention center or sent back to the country they used to reside in. This has caused many families to separate and children to lose their parents .

There are many more incidents with Trump, but I say all this to point out that a president’s job is to make sure the United States is enforcing laws written by Congress and to help fix the issues the country is having, but it appears that he is adding on to more issues.

Any president who can’t find a common ground and provide a better solution for the minority isn’t fit to take that role.

Rayshaun Stevens is a freshman political science and journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected]