CAA to vote on 7 items

Staff Report

The Council on Academic Affairs will vote Thursday on seven executive action items.

There are four memorandums from Austin Cheney, dean for the Lumpkin College of Business and Technology.

One requests revising the accelerated graduate program for the master’s degree in cybersecurity to include MIS majors.

Another is to revise the elective list for the Engineering Technology major.

The other two are requests to update prerequisites for two different courses. One is to include “or by equivalent placement” for EGT 1303’s prerequisite and the other is to include a new prefix (EGT 3063) and change restriction to both EGT majors and minors.

The last three executive action items are memorandums from Michael Cornebise, interim associate dean of geography.

One memorandum requests allowing listed online courses to be open to on-campus and off-campus students based on department need.

Another is to change the title of “BIO 3400: Methods of Teaching Biological Sciences in High School” to “BIO 3400: Methods of Teaching Biological Sciences in Middle and High School.”

The last memorandum is to change the title of “PHS 2400: Methods of Teaching Physical Sciences” to “PHS 3400: Methods of Teaching Physical Sciences in Middle School and High School.”

There are also 14 items the council will consider adding to Thursday’s agenda.

The items are as follows:

• THA name change (new proposal)

• CSM 3870: Data Structures (revised course)

• PLS 3263: The Politics of War & Conflict (new course)

• GEO 2200: History of the Earth (new course)

• Geology major (revised proposal)

• Geology minor (revised proposal)

• PLS 3773: Religion & Politics in the US (new course)

• HIS 3200: Islamic History: From Origins to the 14th Century (revised course)

• HIS: 4275: Pre-professional Internship (new course)

• English Studies Minor (new proposal)

• FMD 3838: Apparel Development and Design (revised course)

• FMD 4772: Sustainability and Social Change in Fashion (revised course)

• FMD major (revised proposal)

• FMD minor (revised proposal)

The council will not hear any waiver reports or grade appeals.

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