Student Senate to hear committee reports

Staff Report

Student Senate will meet in the Arcola/Tuscola room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Wednesday at 7 p.m.

The appointment of Justin Richards as Parliamentarian is included in the consent agenda for the meeting.

The senate will hear reports from:

• Ceci Brinker (Advisor Report)

• Sophia Sarver (Graduate Report)

• Michael Perri (Speaker of the Senate Report)

• Carson Gordon (Student Body President Report)

• Kathleen Conlin (Executive Vice President Report)

• Noor-ul-Haash Khamisani (Vice-President of Academic Affairs Report)

• Samira Abdoulaye Pedila (Vice-President of Student Affairs Report)

• Seth Yeakel (Academic Affairs Committee Report)

• Brianna Hogan (Alumni Relations Committee Report)

• Randall Becker (Business Affairs Committee Report)

• David Hagler (Diversity Affairs Committee Report)

• Zoey White (External Relations Committee Report)

• Elizabeth Stevens (Internal Affairs Committee Report)

• Skylar Coffey (Student Affairs Committee Report)

• Zack Archey (University Enhancement Committee Report)

There is no new or old business listed on the agenda.

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