EDITORIAL: What can be done to stop shootings?

Staff Editorial

Four people were killed and five were injured in a shooting in Kansas City Sunday morning after two gunmen allegedly opened fire into a crowd at a bar.

There was once a time where that news would have jostled people, or at the very least sparked some kind of anger.

But now we are numb to it.

We are numb to people senselessly losing their lives because of gun violence. We are numb to the names, numb to the locations, numb to all the details that should shake us at our cores.

But this is reality now in the U.S. Shootings happen, we read about them in the news and then spend our time watching our politicians do nothing to solve the problem, just buying time until the next shooting.

The truly saddening part is four people losing their lives in Kansas City probably won’t be enough for change to happen. Las Vegas wasn’t enough, Orlando wasn’t enough, Dayton wasn’t enough, El Paso wasn’t enough, Sandy Hook wasn’t enough, Aurora wasn’t enough, Parkland wasn’t enough.

It is becoming clear that no amount of death seems to be enough for Congress to do something about gun violence.

We are tired of the death. We are tired of asking for change. We are tired of the headlines. We are tired seeing families grieve the loss of loved ones and seeing nothing done about it.

So instead of asking politicians for change this time, we at The Daily Eastern News ask them this: What should we do?

Should we send our thoughts and prayers every time this happens? Should we plead for change only to have our cries fall on deaf ears?

Should we all continue to live our lives worrying if our school will be next? Our Walmart will be next? Our bar will be next? Our concert will be next?

If asking for help from the people voted into office, who have the power to change things, is not enough, what should we do?

The U.S. government is failing us. With every shooting, every cry for change that goes unanswered, we are being failed.

We have become numb to death because we now live in a reality where this kind of thing can happen and we know nothing is being done about it.

So what should we do?

We pose this question to all of our politicians, particularly to our local representatives in Congress, if you read this, please let us know. What should we do?