Students share nice things for ‘Do Something Nice Day’

Luke Taylor, Staff Reporter

Friday is National Do Something Nice Day. Each year, people are encouraged to go out of their way to do something kind and make the world a brighter place, just for one day.

Elizabeth Wood
Photo illustration

Freshman journalism major Ryan Meyer said the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him was something his good friend did for him recently.

“My old roommate moved out and I was lonely, and my good friend moved in,” Meyer said. 

Senior psychology major Hannah Whitcomb said her boyfriend did one of the nicest things for her.

“Gabe drove two hours on a whim just to go see me for one day,” Whitcomb said.

Her boyfriend, Gabe Mansfield, a senior history major, said his favorite nice thing was when Meyer gave him a bouquet of socks with puns on them, just to tell him he was doing a good job.

Alisha Buerster, sophomore early childhood education major, said a complete stranger did the nicest thing for her.

“Someone I didn’t know paid for my meal at a restaurant,” Buerster said.

While big favors will stay with people for a long time, even small things can brighten someone’s day, like holding a door for a stranger, giving a large tip to a waiter, or complimenting a friend’s outfit.

Brian Dexheimer, senior music education major, experienced an example of that this week when one of his fraternity brothers decided to spread a little kindness.

“Someone came into my room and just complemented me,” Dexheimer said. “They just came into my room to tell me I’m doing fine.”

Many people like to do things for others, rather than just receiving favors. 

“I bought food for someone this week,” Dexheimer said. 

Senior management major Celine Crow said she helped her mom into her new house recently. 

Helping others can be beneficial for both parties.

“I think if you’re nice to people then they’ll be nice back to you and it all just spreads around,” Crow said.

Crow said a recent act of kindness she experienced came from her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend got me one of those constellation pictures from the date that we started dating and he surprised me with it and I walked into my bedroom and it was there,” Crow said. “It was really sweet and cool.”

Some students had ideas for how people can celebrate National Do Something Nice Day.

Crow said it does not take much to do something to make someone else’s day better.

“If someone seems like they’re having a bad day, just do something to brighten their day, you never know what’s going on with someone’s life,” Crow said. “Just try and spread kindness and be supportive and just be nice.”

Dexheimer said people should just remember something they’ve been taught since childhood.

“Just remember the golden rule. Be nice to somebody and they’ll be nice to you.”

Colleen Kane, junior public relations major, said a simple compliment could make someone’s day better.

“Compliment someone,” Kane said. “If there is no kindness in the world, then what’s the point?”

Corryn Brock contributed to this article.

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