Editorial: Purpose of LGBT History Month

The month of October is significant for the LGBT community, because it serves as LGBT History Month.

October was chosen as LGBT History Month because it coincides with National Coming Out Day, which occurs on October 11.

Although times have changed and we have come a long way with LGBT rights, we still have a long way to go and people within the LGBT community are still being attacked in multiple ways, simply because of their sexual orientation or sexual identity.

There are still people who find some sort of desire to shout homophobic slurs and chastise these people.

Some people may find that shocking, as in 2019 we have come to be a lot more accepting of LGBT rights then we were even 10 years ago.

We at The Daily Eastern News stand very strong and firm about our opinion that we believe in gender and sexual equality for everyone, including those of the LGBT community. 

We feel that no one should be attacked for who they are attracted to or who they feel that they are.

Being a homosexual is not a decision, but rather the only decision is when one chooses to come out and accept that they are one.

This does not make them a bad person.

The LGBT community has made a lot of progress over the years, especially with same-sex marriage being legalized in 2015 and with the Illinois House of Representatives passing a bill to amend the Illinois school code to introduce textbooks including historical LGBT figures and marches for equality, including the ones that occurred in March.

We at The Daily Eastern News are in full favor of the House’s decision to pass this bill, as we wholeheartedly believe that no one should be omitted from history, especially if it is simply because of their sexual orientation or identity.

According to the Movement Advancement Project, there are 26 states in the U.S. that have no explicit prohibitions against employment discrimination on the basis on sexual orientation or gender identity.

We believe that this is totally ridiculous and unfair, as no one should be denied a career or position because of their sexual identity or orientation.

We often see that despite historical changes for the LGBT community, there are still small-minded people in the world who are full of hate and discrimination.

We are fully aware that we cannot change everyone’s opinions on certain issues, especially those who are so small-minded and totally against LGBT rights, but we ask that everyone give LGBT History Month a chance.

Do some research and learn about the historical facts about what people have endured in their lifetime because of those who discriminated them.

You will be truly astonished and surprised when you realize just how bad the LGBT community has been treated and discriminated against.

We hope that in time, more people will come to accept LGBT rights and realize that these individuals deserve just as much love and inclusion as the rest of us in the world.

Happy LGBT History Month