RHA Carnival shows residence halls’ personalities

Corryn Brock, News Editor

Residence Halls had games and activities for students and their families to participate in at the RHA Carnival Sept. 27 to kick off Family Weekend

Amanda Wright, a sophomore psychology major and Andrews Hall Council’s RHA representative, was participating in the event for her residence hall.

Andrews Hall’s table had thread and beads for families to make friendship bracelets.

Wright said the table at the carnival was similar to programs her halls offered throughout the year.

“We actually have self-care programs a lot, and one of things we do is either coloring or friendship bracelet making, and we knew that papers would fly away,” Wright said.

Wright said she liked the activity because it was something people could do while still having conversations with others.

“It’s something that you can just sit and make match (with other people) and you can talk the whole time,” Wright said. “You don’t have to do too much focusing; it’s kind of like a mindless thing. You can just sit and have fun.”

Wright said she enjoyed being a part of the carnival and that she plans to do it again.

“I like wearing (the friendship bracelets I make) afterwards and having a lot of them,” Wright said.

Veronica Palacios, a sophomore Spanish education major and Lawson Hall Council secretary, helped with her hall’s table that featured Lawson’s Lucky Ducks.

Palacios said the hall council picked the game based on a popular carnival game.

“At the carnivals, there’s usually a booth with ducks floating around, and you have to pick them up and there’s a number on the bottoms and then you can pick a prize,” Palacios said. “Here you can pick all of the ducks you want, and then you get candy.”

Carlos Cortez, a freshman kinesiology major and Lawson Hall Council treasurer, said they picked the event’s name because of how it sounded.

“It flows really nicely with the theme. I don’t know what the other halls named their things, but Lawson’s Lucky Ducks sounds really pleasing,” Cortez said.

Cortez said he was looking forward to giving students and their families candy.

Palacios said she enjoyed being a part of the carnival last year.

“I participated last year and I thought it was really fun,” Palacios said. “It’s really nice seeing all of the halls get together and put on a program united as one.”

Marcus Powell, a junior political science major and Stevenson Hall Council president, helped with his residence hall’s table, which featured a bag toss game and photo opportunities with the hall’s mascot, the “Stevo Shark.”

Powell, who recently transferred to Eastern, said he enjoyed his first time participating in the RHA Carnival.

“It’s a great experience for my first year here because I’ve been participating in a lot of different activities and it’s made it a positive outcome for my first year on campus,” Powell said.

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