CAA to vote on new music course

Emilie Bowman, Staff Reporter

The Council of Academic Affairs will act upon two items Thursday during its 2 p.m. meeting in the Edgar Room of Booth Library.

The council will act on a possible new course, MUS 3210: Orchestral Repertoire Performance for Brass, Winds and Percussion.

The council will also be hearing a new proposal concerning the General Education moratorium for the academic year 2019-2020.

The council will also vote on three executive actions this week.

The Department of Music could possibly see the deletion of ensemble courses in MUS 0200 A-F (Wind Symphony), MUS 0201 A-F (Concert Band), MUS 0202 A-F (Panther Marching Band), MUS 0203 A-F (Eastern Symphonic Band), MUS 0204 A-E (Chamber Music), MUS 0205A (Flute Choir), MUS 0207 A-F (Saxophone Quartet), MUS 0211 A-F (Orchestra) , MUS 0215 A-E (Chamber Music Strings), MUS 0220 A-F (Jazz Ensemble), MUS 0221 A-F (Jazz Lab Band), MUS 0222 A and B (Jazz Combo) , MUS 0230 A-F (Concert Choir), MUS 0231 A-F (University Mixed Chorus), MUS 0233 A-F (Camerata), MUS 0240 A-F (Percussion Ensemble), MUS 0242 A-E (Latin Percussion Ensemble) and MUS 3120 A-E (Theatre/Opera Workshop).

Membership in music ensembles are open to all university students, not just students majoring or minoring in music.

Executive actions are also being requested to add “R” sections to music courses as well as eliminating applied MUS courses listed in the EA.


Emilie Bowman can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].