Students talk 1st day of fall, plans for autumn

Hannah Shillo, Associate News Editor

Eastern’s campus will soon be covered in color-changing leaves as fall makes its way to Charleston Monday.

Some students are ready for summer to end and others are just waiting until it begins again next year.

Morgan Howard, junior public relations major, is one of those students who is anticipating summer already, and she said she prefers summer over autumn.

“There’s something about the gloominess,” Howard said. “I know it’s supposed to be all crisp and everyone loves fall because, like, pumpkin spice lattes, but I’m not really interested. I really like summer and sun.”

Staying positive during the gloomy months can be difficult for Howard, but she said she chooses to work toward maintaining the positivity that stems from the summer months she enjoys.

To keep her mood up, Howard said she enjoys the typical fall activities, like going to the pumpkin patch and drinking apple cider.

Freshman business major Nile Hill said he is a big fan of summer but is ready for a switch in the seasons.

“I’m not one of those people who cares that much, but I kind of want fall to come this year,”

Hill said. “It’s been kind of hot, and we’re supposed to be playing football.”

Hill, who is a part of Eastern’s football team, said while summer is his favorite season, he is looking forward to playing the game in more suitable weather.

“I can get into football weather where it’s like a little chilly, so you’re not hot out there,” Hill said. “It’s like the perfect kind of weather, so I’m looking forward to that (and) seeing the leaves on the ground.”

Alyssa Bettenhausen, sophomore biological sciences major, said fall is her favorite season, but not for the same reasons a lot of people love it.

“I’m definitely not a pumpkin spice latte kind of person,” Bettenhausen said. “This is going to sound morbid, but I like how everything is dying and we still think it’s beautiful.”

Bettenhausen said her favorite thing about fall is the sweater weather, which is also why Lizette Aguilera, junior environmental biology major, loves the season.

Bettenhausen, on the other hand, said she admires fall fashion but usually ends up in the same comfortable clothes Aguilera wears.

“I want to start wearing cute clothes, like the scarves and the miniskirts with tights and the cute boots and stuff, but I definitely cannot dress up like that,” Bettenhausen said.

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