STAFF EDITORIAL: Don’t rush Area 51; it’s most likely dangerous

Staff Editorial

Friday is the purported famous, or infamous depending on your opinion, day where millions of internet users agreed to collectively ‘storm’ Area 51.

While the thought of uncovering what secrets may lie at the base, we at The Daily Eastern News implore anyone actually thinking of going to seriously consider the consequences of going.

Some said they wanted to go, not to storm, but to watch and just to see if anyone does actually show up.

Firstly, the cost of actually going out there, if you do not live near or in Nevada, is scary in itself.

On top of that, the time that may be wasted over nothing could be better spent on things that matter, not a meme.

That brings up a very important point in this whole affair: the likeliness of this thing really happening.

For millions of random people, or even a smaller number (like hundreds or thousands), to make the trek to Nevada and then make a battle plan to storm a military base seems like something out of a movie.

We do live in a ‘fad’ age where anything to get internet famous suddenly does not seem impossible.

The person who started the idea online said he was not serious, so maybe no one will show up knowing it was not a serious thing.

But, as many and we are saying, there is always that one person who will show up.

If anyone does show up, we hope they do not actually storm or rush the base.

Preferably, no one will show up because if no one does, there is not the chance for a possible conflict to erupt.

If nothing else, one big reason should deter people from doing anything: There are soldiers and military officials at the base, and if they feel a threat to the base, they will, rightfully so, defend their base.

That is why we implore anyone who is thinking about doing this to please not as to avoid possible disaster.

Area 51 has long been elusive for conspiracy theorists, and the general populous for that matter. We all crave to know what secrets, if any, are at the base.

But an internet meme is not the best way to go about finding out the secrets of the base; then again, there may not be any secrets there.

It could simply be so remote that no one has ever seen the area.

There are likely not even any aliens there.

Then again, how cool would it be if aliens were there?

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