Higher education talk set for Latino Heritage Month

Staff Report

Latino Heritage Month will continue with “First Generation Latinx Students on Higher Education” by Ana Maria Hernandez, a graduate student from the University of Illinois in the minority student affairs department.

The presentation will be at the Edgar Room of Booth Library Wednesday at 4 p.m.

This event was presented to the Latin American Student Organization board by Diana Argueta, a sophomore double major in graphic design and Spanish.

Argueta said the purpose of this event is to educate and inform students about Latinx students in higher education, a subject many do not know much about.

Seeing Latinx people represented was an inspiration to Argueta, she said. Attending the presentation can have a similar effect on others.

“I got educated on other Latinx students in higher education and it gave me faith to keep pursuing a higher education for Latinx representation,” said Argueta.

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