EDITORIAL: Mental health is a student’s top priority

Staff Editorial

In college, it is expected of students to put forth their full effort into schoolwork.

Many students are good about doing this, and they strive to get the best grades possible, but sometimes they work themselves too hard and the aftermath is not good at all.

We at The Daily Eastern News strongly encourage students to make their mental health a priority above anything else.

We appreciate the hard work that students put into their education, but every year we see students who stress themselves too much, and they cannot handle school anymore.

Many of us want to graduate by a specific time, but unfortunately life does not always work in our favor.

If you feel that one of your classes you are taking is just simply too much, it never hurts to drop it.

Sure, you may get stuck paying for the class still and it may lower your GPA, but you have to do what keeps you in a good position and what makes you healthy.

Several students struggle at coping with living away from home, and they get homesick very easily.

It never hurts for students to travel back home during the weekends.

College is important, and it is something that we at The Daily Eastern News enjoy seeing students do well in, but what we do not like to see is students failing and dropping out of college for good because it becomes too stressful and too much of a burden on them.

Make sure to take time for yourself. We all need breaks from time to time.

We also encourage students to take advantage of Health and Counseling Services on campus.

Several students who have struggled in the past visited the center and got the help they needed.

It never hurts to talk to someone about what you are dealing with instead of letting it all build up inside of you.

Getting a tutor is another way to help yourself and ease the stress you are facing with school.

There is nothing wrong with making your health the most important priority.

Selfishness is not exactly the best quality of a person, but sometimes you have to be selfish in order to help yourself in life.

Do not let yourself get to the point where you cannot handle school anymore.

Tackle the problem as soon as it comes, and prevent yourself from becoming a ticking time bomb that explodes from the pressure and stress of your life at Eastern.

In life, we have to take things one day at a time, otherwise we will go completely insane.