EDITORIAL: Eastern’s event, RSO advertising needs work

Staff Editorial

When students do not show up to campus events, it kills the purpose for an event and leaves empty a chance for fun on campus.

We at The Daily Eastern News have noticed a lack of student participation at campus events, and these are events that University Board, or other campus organizations, take time and money to set up.

A fair amount of times, though, it appears the events’ turnout is underwhelming.

These events are not bad at all; they are fun, creative events that, again, are thought out and planned by various campus organizations.

But the low attendance is not unwarranted.

We believe the outreach and advertising for the events can improve and should improve, if these events are meant to draw more attendance.

There are posters placed around campus, and University Board makes posts on social media to promote all their upcoming events.

Facebook, however, is not a great way to reach an audience that is made of college students.

University Board also posts to Twitter, but some of their recent tweets do not have a lot of likes and retweets.

And as far as the posters are concerned, not many students take the time to stop and read the poster boards around campus for a long-enough time to see when, where and what events are.

We think a way to attract more students to events, and to create a more fun atmosphere and to get students more involved, is to make students know about events.

We are all on our phones for considerable amounts of time, but not everyone will see a post about an Eastern event on a timeline full of friends’ posts.

So posters or brief announcements on social media will not hold students’ attention over periods of time to constantly remind them of an upcoming event.

Having people standing around with posters and information would be a more direct way to get attention and get people to see that there is actually an event.

Putting tables up would also help, but having tables and/or people for just one day is not enough: You would need to have these direct signals out for multiple days in a row.

Not all the blame lies on the organizations, though because students should want to attend these events more.

They are fun things to do during free time or to take a break from schoolwork.

We should want to have fun and make Eastern’s atmosphere more lively, and student involvement and activity is a great way to make Eastern more lively.