Poster sales ongoing until Friday


Elizabeth Wood | The Daily Eastern News Sophmores Sydney, an undecided major, and Miranda Morrow, a psychology major, flip through posters at the poster sale in the Library Quad Thusday afternoon.

Elizabeth Taylor

The poster sale on the Library Quad was only one of the many events running on the opening week of school, and at first glance, it may seem insignificant in comparison. 

However, according to The Daily Eastern News archive, poster sales of this kind have been occurring on the campus since 2005, and the Union Bookstore had its own variation even before that. 

This year, the sale began Wednesday and will run through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Library Quad each day as a fundraiser for the Department of Art and Design. 

The poster sale gives students the opportunity to both support the art department and decorate their rooms by purchasing items.

Malik Tricoche, an employee of The College Poster Sale Company, said the truck that brought all the posters to Eastern left nearly a week ago from New York City.

The company began selling at schools in southern Illinois before making its way to Charleston.

“We sell a little bit of everything,” he said. 

The tent set up on the lawn houses hundreds of posters of a wide variety. 

From Korean pop to “Queen,” activist content to Audrey Hepburn and Marvel to Claude Monet, wall décor is available for students with a variety of interests, he said.

The price range depends primarily on the size of the poster, but most are sold around $9 or $10. 

Throughout the typical poster sale day, students have been found under the tent browsing the poster selection, discussing their favorite bands or movies and imagining the perfect place on their dorm room wall for their chosen design. 

Still, sales associates make themselves available the moment any person walks into the tent, ready to point customers to exactly what they are looking for, Tricoche said. 


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