College 101: Surviving finals

Valentina Vargas, Multicultural Reporter

Finals week is finally here, and the Student Success Center and fellow college students have some tips for the rest of the campus.

The SSC said students must be familiar with the test they are taking, so they recommend asking their professors questions about the tests and what all will be in them.

Mia Debernardi, a senior elementary education major, said she is preparing for her finals by looking at special terms and study guides in order to familiarize herself with the finals.

Debernardi said she prefers being in an atmosphere where it is really quiet and peaceful when she is studying, like the Booth Library for example.

She said she likes the library setting because it is quiet and solitary, so she is able to concentrate on her studies.

Sophomore education major Bailey Smola said she likes listening to music when she studies and looks over her quizzlets for review.

She said she prefers studying by herself instead of with a group because group studies create more distraction. Sometimes groups talk about other things instead of studying, too.

The SSC said students should only have study sessions with other well-prepared students that are willing to study instead of chat. Otherwise, the entire effort can prove to be pointless.

Debernardi said she is half and half on whether she enjoys doing studying individually or with other people, but she said it depends on the subject.

“If it is like chemistry, I like groups because I am not good at chemistry, but things like English or history and things like that, I usually prefer to be by myself,” Debernardi said.

Index cards, while a valid and popular study method among college students, is something Debernardi said she shies away from because it just takes too much time. She said she prefers just looking at her study guide and notes.

When it comes to taking the actual final, the SSC said that students must be prepared emotionally, physically and intellectually. If one of these preparation factors is altered, taking the final will be more difficult than it has to be.

The SSC also recommends students to focus on questions they know they have the answers to before tackling the tough questions.

Smola said she likes this test taking strategy because it ends up saving her more time.

Some finals are not the typical multiple choice ones, though. Debernardi said college students also have paper finals to worry about, but she actually likes these a bit more.

Debernardi said she prefers doing paper finals because it gives her time to think things through and research or ask questions. Multiple-choice finals do not give students that same privilege, unfortunately.

Both Debernardi and Smola said they are looking forward to finally being able to kick up their feet and relax during summer break.

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