Edingburg’s death still unsolved after 2 years

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Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of an Eastern students who was fatally shot during a house party on 7th Street.

Byron Edingburg was shot in the back yard of 1061 7th Street while trying to break up a fight, according to a press release from the Charleston Police Department.

In a statement given to CPD from Edingburg’s family, they described him as a “great debater, big brother to a host of cousins, always supportive and kind hearted.

Edingburg’s shooter has yet to be identified and CPD says information from the community and public will play a crucial role in the department solving the case and finding the suspect(s).

CPD is still investigating the murder and say they hope to bring Edingburg’s shooter to justice.

Those with information regarding the shooting are encouraged to contact CPD at 217-348-5221, via the Charleston Illinois Police Department Facebook page or by sending in tips to Coles County Crime Stoppers.

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