Sharing your story is not bad

Staff Editorial

In life, we all go through crazy experiences that help shape who we are and what we do.

For some of us, these things can be traumatic, sad, happy or just plain awful.

In today’s world, more and more people are starting to be vocal about their experiences in life, and they want to share their story with others.

For some of us, we may have stories of addiction or sexual assault. Some people may have stories of being bullied or abused.

If you feel comfortable enough to share your story and your experience, do not hesitate to do so.

We at The Daily Eastern News believe in everyone having a voice and being able to have the opportunity to speak about what is on their mind.

Many people are critical of those who are open about their life experiences, and we feel that it is not their place to criticize.

Sharing your story can help some many other people who have been through similar experiences. It helps them to understand that they are not alone and that things can get better.

This is a free country, and we have to utilize our freedom of speech and our opportunities that are given to us to speak about what we feel and what we believe in.

Some of us are not fully comfortable sharing our stories, and that is OK.

We all have to be ready to share our experiences on our own time, and we cannot be forced to do it when we are not ready.

However, we advise you all not to hesitate to share because of the critical people in this world.

If you hold in your feelings, you will never have the opportunity to help change the world and help others when they need it.

It is not always easy to stand up for ourselves, but at some point we have to do it in order to get through life.

If you have a pressing issue or topic that you feel needs to be addressed and you know that it could help others, please share it when you feel comfortable.

You never know when you could help  change someone’s life just by utilizing your own voice.