Be open to new ideas, directions

Staff Editorial

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At Eastern, it is no secret that individuals have varying degrees of certainty about their futures.

There are those who have had their hearts set on their career ever since they were children. There are those who decided what they wanted to do when they got to college and stuck with it. There are those who have changed majors a few times but finally settled where they belong. And then there are those who are still not quite sure what they want to be when they grow up.

This is not just about majors. While a student’s major is the basis of the college experience, a major doesn’t set someone to have one job and one job alone. Different majors can simply be different routes to get to the destination one has in mind.

If you are one of the students who still isn’t sure what exactly you want to do as a career, that is OK. You should’ve at put at least some thought into it by now and considered some ideas of what you want to do, so you can still explore your options by research and job shadowing.

But maybe, you thought you knew what you were doing, but now you’re wondering if life is pulling you a different direction.

That’s OK, too.

It is scary to change directions or pursue something new, especially if you’re used to the same routine and the same ideas for how you want your life to go.

However, if you are contemplating taking a completely different direction in some aspect of your life, don’t close yourself off to that idea just because it is uncomfortable.

This can apply to a new career direction, starting a relationship, a pregnancy, a new belief, a new passion you have or any other big life change.

Whatever you may be considering, don’t make any sudden decisions, but do thorough research and figure out what you really want to do.

You might think it is too late to go a different route, but it is better to change directions than to end up unhappy for most of your life.

But even if you do feel that you are set in your path, you should still be open to other opportunities that may arise.

Often, the best opportunities come when you least expect it, so be receptive to them when they come.