Carry out your responsibilities on time

Andrew Paisley, Opinions Editor

One thing that truly bothers me is when people do not get things done in time.

Of course, we all have those times where something pops up or there is an emergency. Those are understandable.

When someone does not fulfill their commitments a number of times in a row, this poses a problem.

You cannot expect to have a nice job and be able to keep it if you cannot bother to get your work done and/or show up to work.

As college students, we should all be mindful of this and should know better than to slack off.

We are all adults.

People often fail to realize that slacking off causes problems for a lot of other people.

There comes a time when a person hits a certain age that they should not slack anymore.

I believe that we as college students are at this stage in our lives.

When an employer assigns a duty to be completed by a certain day each week, it should be programmed into our minds that this is something that has to be done.

I find it ridiculous that people cannot seem to grasp this simple idea.

I have been guilty myself of slacking off, but I take responsibility and do my best, especially at this stage in my life, to not let it happen again.

We all need to try our best.

If you have a task to be completed each week, just get it done.

It really is very simple.

As I said before, we cannot expect to have jobs with big responsibilities if we cannot fulfill commitments.

Get yourself together and get your work done.

It is not rocket science.

Andrew Paisley is a senior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or 

at [email protected]