3 positions empty after Faculty Senate election results

Analicia Haynes, Editor-in-Chief

Three committee positions still need to be filled after the Faculty Senate election results came in on Tuesday, and the Senate approved a candidate for another position despite the write-in candidate not receiving the required number of votes.

Jeff Stowell, the Senate’s vice chair, said Bill Schultz, a cataloging librarian from Booth Library, was the write-in candidate for the library representative position on the University Personnel Committee.

According to the Senate’s bylaws, although voters may vote for write-in candidates, a write-in candidate must receive at least ten votes to be elected or placed on the list of alternates.

Shultz received five write-in votes, but Stowell said because he has considerable support from the 13 library faculty members and because he was recruiting votes, this was enough indication that Schultz wants to serve on the committee.

“I would request that we do declare that Bill Schultz is the winner of the UPC for the library,” Stowell said.

Todd Bruns, the Senate chair, seconded the motion.

“I think Bill would have gotten the 10 votes; he was just a little bit late to say, ‘Hey please write me in,’” Bruns said. “(Even though) several of us had already voted, but we would have voted for (Schultz).”

The Senate unanimously approved that Schultz would serve as the University Personnel Committee library representative starting in the fall.

Three other positions remain vacant, however, and Stowell recommended that the Senate hold a separate election in the fall to fill two positions.

Stowell said the two that were not filled, according to the Senate bylaws, but will have a separate election in the fall, are the Academic Programming Elimination and Review Committee representative from the College of Health and Human Services and the Council on Teacher Education Committee representatives from the departments of kinesiology, sport and recreation; art; music; and world languages.

These positions received a number of write-in candidates, but those candidates did not receive more than two votes.

Stowell said an election should be held in the fall to fill these two positions.

The final position that is technically not filled is the University Personnel Committee representative from the Lumpkin College of Business.

This position received many write-ins with only one vote each.

Stowell said this will be a vacant position that will be filled in the fall by the Senate.

All other positions on the election ballot received majority votes as well as the seven changes to the Faculty Senate constitution.

The results await final approval from Eastern’s Board of Trustees.

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