STAFF EDITORIAL: Celebrate different heritages, learn from the cultures

Staff Editorial

Times are tough for many people right now, and specifically, for minorities in the United States.

According to USA Today, anti-black incidents are on the rise in the country.

Today reported in February that the FBI said hate crimes in America increased 17 percent last year, which is the third straight year such crimes increased.

Today also reported that of the 7,000 incidents reported last year, 2,013 targeted African-Americans.

While African-American History Month has passed for this year, we believe there is no reason for any of us to stop practicing and instilling inclusion to all races in each of us, especially because there are more chances to recognize and honor other races that deserve our attention and respect.

This week at Eastern, starting Monday, Asian Heritage Month events will be starting and continuing throughout the entire month.

The variety of these events is good as well; for example, there is an exhibit with Japanese manga and art in Booth Library throughout the month, and there is a presentation on genocide in 20th century Asia, Africa and Europe Thursday.

We are not here to tell you that you must go to these events, but we want to remind you all the importance of this month.

The events are to introduce us to different cultures and help us learn about them. The month, as a whole, is meant to bring awareness to the people and cultures who are recognized, and there is a reason we even have a month dedicated in the first place.

It is because we have to.

Looking back at African-American History Month, it serves the same purpose: To introduce us to a history and people we may not know too well and that is constantly oppressed, both currently and historically.

These are serious reasons as to why we have these months and have events for them.

We understand everyone cannot make every event, that happens.

But just showing up to a couple events is not enough to think about and understand the greater picture of what the month represents.

Coming out of this month should bring about a greater understanding to all of us, an understanding of what the people who are participating in these events are trying to proudly show off to the campus.

Understanding, or a lack thereof, seems to be something that causes a lot of issues across racial lines.

So, not only should we all learn about the cultures being expressed this month, but we should consider any possible underlying issues that the cultures participating have gone through, or go through, and take it all in as a society.

The students and staff, and any guests, who are doing whatever it is they are doing to express their cultures and heritage want us to see and learn, and it is only fair of us to respond in the right way.

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