SACIS focuses on mindfulness

Inanna Weller , Contributing Writer

Sexual Assault Counseling and Information Service was the host of a “mindfulness event” at the Coles County Health Department Thursday evening.

SACIS provides on-going services to victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and every month it hosts a different event centered around a selected theme.

Candles, décor and food complemented the calm atmosphere in the room for the March “mindfulness” inspired theme.

Placing boxes and various decorations, candles and supplies on tables spread out for all the guests to observe and plan their ideas for the mindfulness boxes.

Taylor Diskin, the social justice and empowerment services coordinator at SACIS, encouraged participants to decorate the boxes based on what makes them feel the happiest and calm.

The purpose of the box is to place any items in it that will be useful in practicing mindfulness while meditating.

Other options, such as essential oils, can be placed in the box during meditation to exhibit an aroma of peace.

Diskin coordinates the monthly event to focus on empowering the community.

She said mindfulness to her means that she can center herself and what is working or what is not, and it helps with her anxiety and calming her mind.

“Mindfulness plays a big role in meditation and it’s all about clearing your mind and thinking about what’s the most important thing right now; learning how to communicate mindfulness in a sense and how to just relax,” Diskin said to the participants.

Heather Ames, a sophomore art major at Lake Land College, attended the event and said she has participated in SACIS events since early November.

She said she feels as though it has helped her take a moment to care for herself, and it is a nice way to get her to do something for fun.

Ames decorated her box with small drawings of teacups and books because they represent what makes her happy and makes her feel good about herself, she said.

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